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Andrew McLeod Fire Protection Pty Ltd, is a South Australian independently owned family business, trading since 1994. Andrew McLeod has over 35 years experience working in all aspects of the fire protection industry ranging from fabrication, installation, service, emergency repair, design, project management and divisional and state management.

This experience is backed by specialist qualifications gained through accredited training and certification undertaken by manufacturers of systems and products. Our commitment to training is on-going. Andrew McLeod Fire Protection prides itself on the quality of its works. Our work is to a standard, not to a price and as such we do not compromise.

Andrew McLeod Fire Protection provides fire protection services to health, industrial, commercial, local government, retail, mining & marine. Our passion is special hazards and we love a challenge. Over the years these challenges have taken us to all Australian states and China.

On a regular basis we provide fire protection services to clients in the South East of South Australia as well as metropolitan Adelaide.

Our clients enjoy a 24 hour emergency service.

We are able to offer to you a wide range of fire protection, including survey, design, supply, installation and ongoing service of fire detection and fire protection equipment.

The AMfp Challenge

We here at AMfp pride ourselves on providing high quality products, service and advice – but we also know that in today’s day and age customers are looking for great value as well. We think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who can match our quality and value, and we invite you to do a ‘head to head’ comparison.

Many providers have a whole slew of charges that can (and do) apply, so at times it’s not quite clear how much its really going to cost when you’re looking through a proposal. We would be more than happy to discuss with you the most likely scenarios that will play out during the term of an agreement, and explain how much it would cost through us.

Others have looked considerably cheaper on paper, but ended up costing two to three times more. All those common replaceable service items excluded by other service providers but included in our price can really mount up.

We provide a quality service at a reasonable price and our clients appreciate our open price policy.

Is your provider up to the challenge?

The AMfp Difference

There are many things that our customers tell us set us apart; knowledge and experience, personalised service, attention to detail, overall quality and reliability. There’s one other thing that we consistently get told.

Our customers feel they are getting added peace of mind, knowing they have their property and assets protected round the clock. From our easy to read reports to our 24 hour service, our customers find they have the information they need at their fingertips when they need it. We can provide continuous feedback on servicing and maintenance, or report by exception so you only need to know about the ‘out of the ordinary’.

Your safety is important to us, you are not just another number on a service register. We take great pride in our work and the relationships we have built with our clients.

Whatever you have to protect, the comfort of knowing its all under a watchful eye could save you a few sleepless nights.

Authorised and Accredited Agents for

Authorised Agents and Trained by (ANSUL)

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of Ansul Fire Protection systems and equipment including:

  • Ansul Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate and Equipment
  • Ansul R102 (Wet Chemical) Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems
  • Ansul Sapphire – Novec 1230 Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems – if you are concerned with the environment and the future of the planet then this is a system for you!
  • Ansul Portable Fire Extinguishers including FE-36 anti-static type electrically non-conductive fire extinguishers

Authorised Agents and Trained by (Antelope Engineering)

  • Working in co-operation with Antelope to design, supply, install and service Marioff Hi-Fog Water Mist Suppression Systems. Ideally suited for large computer suites or energy suppliers wishing to protect diesel generators.There are many more uses for this amazing environmentally safe and efficient fire protection.

Accredited and Trained by (Fire & Safety Industries)

  • To design, supply, install and service vehicle suppression systems (including stationary power generation systems)

Accredited and Trained by (Retrotec)

  • To perform Room Integrity Fan Testing for Gaseous Flooding Fire Protection Systems.Licences held 1 – 3.Equipment fully calibrated to appropriate standard.

We hold many licenses in order to perform our duties properly, and have fully licensed electricians as well as apprentices on staff. We hold an Open Cablers Licence (required to work on Telstra wiring) and of course a Building Work Contractors Licence (BLD 222896) and a Supervisor’s License.


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