Room Integrity Fan Testing

The largest failure of gaseous fire suppression systems is as a result of loss of extinguishant through openings in the protected room.

Gaseous fire suppression systems rely on their ability to correctly extinguish a fire in a room or enclosure by achieving a minimum concentration and retaining this concentration for a specified soak period.

Many fire suppression systems fail because they either don’t achieve the correct minimum concentration or more likely, because they lose the correct concentration before the expiry of the specified soak period thus allowing the fire to rekindle.

Rather than perform an actual discharge test of the fire suppression gas which can prove to be quite costly and difficult to arrange, it is possible to perform a Room Integrity Fan Test. This is an approved alternative to performing an actual discharge test in commissioning of a fire extinguishing system.

An approved Room Fan Integrity test unit (Retrotec Q5E) is utilised for this test. A calibrated fan unit is installed temporarily in the doorway of the protected risk and connected to a dual channel manometer (pressure gauge).

The fan is run and the manometer monitors air flow both inside and outside of the risk and the air flow through the fan that is required to maintain a set test pressure. The pressure readings are entered into a software program that then calculates the estimated retention time by taking into account the difference of air that is identified as a leak in the room – effectively more air out than in.

The less the leakage the greater the retention time.

We are certified to perform Room Fan Integrity Tests on all forms of rooms and structures that are provided with automatic gaseous fire suppression systems of any type.

These tests can be performed any time and with a minimum of disruption to the room’s normal activity. The tests are economical and conclusive and meet with statutory commissioning and if required, retesting (after building upgrades) or frequent integrity testing requirements for sites under AS1851-2012 legislation.


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